We begin the reconditioning process by thoroughly cleaning and inspecting the cases.


All surfaces to be painted are prepared extensively for the application of new paint. 


Any bare metal is first treated with an etching primer to ensure maximum paint adhesion.


We use an electrostatic paint process to apply top coats. This process creates a strong surface bond which insures long term durability and luster.


Case bottoms are refurbished as well. Cases with fiberglass bottoms, are re-laminated with new fiberglass. Cases with metal bottoms are coated with a high solids urethane epoxy.


All evaporator coils are inspected for damage. They are then pressure tested and evacuated to 50 microns to ensure they contain no moisture. At that point they are again pressurized with a dry nitrogen holding charge.


All electrical components are thoroughly tested, including all lighting and heater circuits.


In our fabrication department we manufacture many new case parts. This is part of our commitment to quality that we strive for.



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